6.5 x 14 Magnesium - Raw

Size 6.5" x 14"
Finish: Raw

When I first began my work with metal shell prototypes I experimented with every material I had access to - from iron to beryllium. That work resulted in two of the lightest metal drum shells ever made, one of which you are familiar with :Titanium. The other was a prototype Magnesium shell. At that point I decided to focus on perfecting the Titanium snare drum and the Magnesium prototype was relegated to the back shelf of my shop - until 2009 when I applied my knowledge of metal and shell fabrication to perfecting the Magnesium drum shell - and I have achieved that. The result is a truly remarkable snare drum, one that stands alone sonically. A drum that must be heard and played to be fully appreciated. Dunnett Classic Magnesium drums are available as bespoke instruments. Please contact a Dunnett Classic dealer to order.