Classic Stainless Steel

6.5 x 14 Stainless Steel - Polished

This is the drum that redefined "metal" snare drum. Before the Classic Stainless, metal snare drums had a reputation of being harsh and nasal. When I introduced the very first Classic into recording studios in Vancouver - an 8 x 14 prototype known affectionatley as Number 1 - the concept of a warm, rich and sensitive metal drum became a reality. Since the creation of Number 1 there have been improvements in the hardware - things like the R4 throw off, the Hypervent 1 and of course the current George Way Double Edge / Double Flange hoops, however very little has changed in the design of the shell. The drums I started producing in 1989-90 sound the same as the ones I make now. Consistent - but not too consistent. In spite of the consistency, every Classic has its own personality and unique sonic DNA. I still make the Classic Stainless in almost any size you can think of and in a variety of finishes - the natural #4 finish and the polished #8 being the standards. Other coating options may be available.