Model 2N Modelling Aluminum

Classic 2N Modelling

Size 6.5 x 14"
Finish: Polished Aluminum

I won't deny it - I love my 402 snare drums as much as the next guy, but love them as I do, I found them to be lacking. I set out to create a aluminum Classic that embodied all of what I love about the 402 and then improve on it. The Classic Modelling Aluminum represents all of that and more. When I first sat down to play the prototype I actually laughed out loud - there it was, that wonderful, buttery bounce and the accompanying stick satusfaction - but with something more : real snare set adjustment latitude. My snare bed design saw to that - and to being able to use 42 strand wires without the outer strands laying outside of the bed. Plus the patented hybrid edge metal shell design (flange on the batter side, straight edge on the snare side). Boosh! The Way Double Edge / Double Flange hoops only added more - that sweet top end and stiffness you get from die cast hoops without the additional weight. And then the finish - anyone who has ever seen pitted chrome on a Supra understands what happens over time. I wanted to avoid that. At a car show in Sttugart Germany I saw a vintage race car that had an aluminum body with polished stainless parts. The aluminum had naturally oxidized and made for a beautiful contrast with the polished parts. I thought nothing would look better than a living finish on an aluminum shell that would age and patina beautifully over time and one that could be easily restored at any time with a gentle polishing. But when it comes to words, they fail to fully explain the sonic beauty of this model so please check out some of the samples in the AV section!