Model 2N Carbon Steel

Classic 2N Modelling

Size 6.5 x 14"
Finish: Ford 2N Battleship Gray

Based on the success of the patented hybrid edges of the Aluminum 2N, I decided to apply that concept to a high carbon steel sheel. Again, the results exceeded all of my expectations. Because the shell was much heavier than the Aluminum, the fundamental note of the shell was much higher creating a drum able to produce more top end cut without sacrificing mids and lows. The real difficulty was deciding how to finish it! Because of its weight, sturdiness and being a great example of sonic "work ethic" I decided on the same shade of gray that Ford used to paint its 2N tractors right up until 1948. (Those who know me know my love of tractors, particularly my own 1948 2N). Thus another legendary Classic model was born.